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Your Solution for Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment Just Got Better

UGSI Solutions, Inc. is now cleanwater1, Inc. The new home of PAX Water Technologies, Inc. PSI Water Technologies, Inc. and UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc.

Achieving Superior Water Quality Is What We Do Best

cleanwater1 is a leading provider of water and wastewater quality solutions, pairing proven brands like Polyblend® and Dynablend products, PAX Mixers, Monoclor® RCS and Microclor® systems, with cutting edge strategies and innovations to help customers meet and exceed water quality goals and regulations. 

cleanwater1's water quality solutions focus on disinfection, disinfection residual management, THM reduction, tank mixing, liquid and dry polymer activation to achieve high water quality outcomes, while our wastewater treatment solutions focus on disinfection, solids thickening and dewatering and chemical feed.

Whether your focus is on water quality, wastewater treatment or both, cleanwater1 has you covered.

Our Expertise
Nobody Knows Water Like cleanwater1

At cleanwater1, your goals are our priority. cleanwater1 is prepared to help you meet the increasingly challenging water and wastewater quality requirements facing your business.  cleanwater1 pairs proven brands like Polyblend® and Dynablend products, Monoclor® RCS and Microclor® systems and PAX Mixers, with cutting edge strategies and innovations to help you meet and exceed your water quality goals. Our team of experts are here to provide solutions that lead to the best outcome for your organization. We take pride in sharing your mission to ensure public health, environmental protection and financial savings for the well-being of your community.   

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Low cost chlorine production with Microclor® On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) for safety, cost and sustainability of supply.

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Residual Management

Monoclor® RCS, Chemlocker®, and Smartboost® systems set the industry standard on maintaining residual levels in the network.

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THM Reduction

PAX TRS removes volatile TTHM (Total Trihalomethanes) and DBPs (Disinfection By-products) from distribution networks ensuring clean water in the tank.

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Tank Mixing

Tank Mixing is essential for minimizing residual loss, DBP formation and biofilms. Learn more about Neptune-Toolbox and our family of PAX Mixers.

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Liquid Polymer Feed

Achieve chemical optimization while lowering costs with Polyblend® and Dynablend mechanical and hydraulic polymer activation systems.

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Dry Chemical Feed

Polyblend® and Dynajet polymer feed systems are the industry standard for dry polymer activation and optimization. Learn more about our family of products.

Your mission is our mission  
Feel confident that our expertise, our custom approach and
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How we do it
Eight Ways We Achieve Superior Water Quality


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On-Site Generation

Using only salt and electricity, the Microclor® OSHG brings simplicity, safety and savings to the water disinfection process. 

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Dosing Management

Accurately control the dosing of chemicals in your system to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

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Liquid Polymer Activation

Polyblend® and Dynablend products are recognized by experts as possessing the ideal mixing methodology to optimize polymer activation.

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Dry Polymer Activation

Optimize efficiency and costs with a Polyblend® Dry Polymer System or a Dynajet™  Pneumatic Conveyance System.

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PAX Mixers create a powerful vortex flow pattern inside water storage tanks from top to bottom to help manage disinfectant residual.

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Tank Venting

Reduce THM disinfection byproducts when you combine PAX Mixers, aerators and controls in your water distribution systems.

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Chemical Metering

Encore® Pumps and Skids have been proven to provide reliable, accurate and versatile liquid and slurry dosing.

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Flow Metering

Varea-Meter® flow meters provide reliable readout, transmission, and control of liquids or gases in the most demanding environments.

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Featured Events



WaterPro | Sept 9 - 11, 2024

More than 100 exhibitors from around the country mark WaterPro Conference on their calendars as an important event for their company. The exhibit hall is the #3 reason Water Professionals attend our event.
cleanwater1 will be at booth #418.
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WEFTEC | Oct 5 - 9, 2024

WEFTEC is where networks expand, ideas become solutions, and water quality innovation and expertise are on display.
Expand Your Water Quality Knowledge
Education is at the forefront of WEFTEC, delivering everything you need to know about water quality.
cleanwater1 will be at booth #6347.

WQTC - Water Quality Technology Conference | Nov 17 - 21, 2024

The premier conference for water quality professionals around the world!

This established and highly regarded conference provides a practical forum for a wide range of water technology professionals to exchange the latest research and information.


cleanwater1 will be at booth #417.

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