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Liquid Polymer Activation


The Science of Liquid Polymer Activation

How It Works

Liquid polymer activation is a process used in water and wastewater treatment to enhance the flocculation and sedimentation of suspended solids in wastewater. Liquid polymers are long-chain molecules that can help to bind together the small particles of suspended solids in water and wastewater and form larger, heavier flocs that can settle more easily.

The activation of the liquid polymer can be achieved through a variety of means, including mechanical mixing, agitation, or the addition of other chemicals such as coagulants or flocculants. The activation process is typically optimized for each specific application to ensure that the polymer is activated in the most effective way possible to achieve the desired results.

Achieving High Shear Mixing is the Key

Polymers vastly improve the operations of water and wastewater plants by accelerating the  settling of particles and improving sludge dewatering.  Polymers - emulsion and dry - require the application of different levels of energy at different times to get the optimal “uncoiling” of the polymer chains without damaging or shortening the polymer chain.  High shear mixing is required to prevent agglomerations, but over-mixing can damage the polymer. The key is to shift mixing energy over time to get the optimal results.


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The key is to shift mixing energy over time to get the optimal results.


The Science of Efficient Polymer Activation

Polymer Activation Cycle blue and white 1300x265 200dpi-1

High Energy at MOIW




Transition to Low-Energy "Quiescent Zone"




Adequate Residence Time




Fully Activated Polymer Solution at Desired Concentration


We Follow the Science

Our systems are designed to optimize polymer performance because they follow the latest in polymer science. These fundamental aspects are demonstrated by the following core elements of our feeders:

  • Two stage mixing with the highest energy applied first at the moment of initial wetting (MOIW) followed by a "quiescent" zone allowing for more gentle activation as polymer science dictates.
  • Extended residence time in the "quiescent" zone to optimize the continued charge site exposure as the polymer is activated in an optimal manner.
  • Options for pneumatic conveyance (dry polymer), economic mix tank design and secondary dilution to fit any site condition and application challenge.
  • Control options to fit any site condition and application challenge.
Our team of trained experts can help you determine the best technology for your application based on your process goals, the type of polymer used and the volume you are treating.
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Proper Polymer Activation is The Key to Lower Costs and Higher Effectiveness 

While polymers vastly improve the operation of water and wastewater plants by accelerating the settling of particles and improving sludge dewatering, polymer costs are one of the largest operating expenses at a plant. Even a small reduction in polymer consumption can result in meaningful savings.

Proper polymer activation is the key to maximizing polymer effectiveness. 

Our Liquid Polymer Activation Solutions


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The two‐zone Polyblend® mixing regimen is widely recognized by polymer experts  as the proper mixing methodology to optimize polymer activation.  

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The Dynablend liquid polymer blending systems are proven to be the most effective and reliable hydraulic polymer activation technology.

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Miniblend has easy-to-use controls and utilizes hydroaction concentric mixing chambers to activate simple-to-blend and difficult-to-blend polymers.

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