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On-Site Services

Infrastructure as a Service

Shop Original Quality Parts

cleanwater1 offers fast delivery of original-quality replacement parts from a large parts inventory. Use of such parts helps maintain equipment in good working order, eliminates equipment breakdowns and costly down time.

Ensure optimal, reliable performance of your equipment by using genuine spare parts for every repair.  Genuine replacement parts not only protect your investment in the equipment, they also offer assurance against failure in critical public-health-related and critical process related applications. Avoid the hazard and hidden costs of cheap imitations.

We offer a full range of parts for all of our equipment that we can either deliver directly to you or send along with a technician to do the repair work for you.

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Put in your part order request in less than 2 minutes.

Get the Most Value from Your Investment with On-Site Services

Our  service contracts are designed to help you get the most value from your investment. Take advantage of our full-service contracts so you can focus on your core business while we take care of the maintenance. Preventative maintenance and life extending maintenance contracts are two other ways you can be sure that things run smoothly over the long run. 

Included in our service contracts:

  • Start up support and training of your operators
  • Quarterly cleaning and maintenance
  • Daily monitoring and tracking of performance via cloud based analytics
  • Extended warranty and factory supplied parts inventory on-site.

Customized service contracts are also available. Custom contracts are designed to meet the level and frequency of service that works best for your facility.


Multiple Service Options for Maximum Flexibility

From our Base Level Warranties to Long Term Support in our Most Advanced Technologies

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Quarterly Service Plan

Optimize your system by utilizing our quarterly service plans. Each quarter receive cleanings, inspections, and feedback to operations on performance.

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System Health Check

Benefit from a preventative maintenance health check with a trained member of our service team. They will thoroughly inspect your equipment and provide recommendations based on their findings.

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Seasonal System Check

Schedule a seasonal readiness or decommissioning service visit. Our trained service technicians can provide training to help your team succeed and ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

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Remote Troubleshooting

Need assistance? We have trained technicians who can walk you through what to check and even how to make a repair.  

Give us a call at: 856.896.2160

Infrastructure as a Service

Many of our customers want their chlorine tank full, with fresh chemistry, at their demand, on a dollar per pound or gallon basis. The most reliable, safe and sustainable way to meet this requirement is with on-site generation of the chlorine.

We can provide a service to provide a chlorine by the pound approach to manage your budget and preserve your capital. At the end of the contract, the equipment installed on site can be held by the utility or removed.

We pay the cost of the on-site generation upgrade; you simply pay the price of the chlorine by the pound delivered.

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