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Flow Metering


Flow Meters

Flow meters are used in water treatment facilities to measure the flow rate of water as it moves through various stages of the treatment process. They are an essential tool for ensuring that the treatment process is functioning as intended, and that the water being treated is of sufficient quality. Some specific applications of flow meters in water treatment include:

Monitoring influent and effluent flow rates. Flow meters can be used to measure the amount of water entering and leaving a treatment facility, helping to ensure that the treatment process is effectively removing contaminants.

Controlling chemical dosing. Some types of flow meters can be used to control the rate at which chemicals are added to the water, such as coagulants or disinfectants. This ensures that the correct amount of chemicals are added, improving the efficacy of the treatment process.

Monitoring flow rates through treatment stages. Flow meters can be installed at various points in the treatment process to monitor the flow rate of water through each stage. This allows operators to identify any blockages or issues that may be affecting treatment efficiency.

Billing and regulatory compliance. Flow meters can be used to accurately measure the amount of water being processed by a treatment facility, which is important for billing customers or complying with regulatory requirements.

Overall, flow meters are an important tool for ensuring that water treatment facilities operate efficiently and effectively, producing high-quality water that is safe for consumption.
Varea-Meter Metal-Tube

Metal-Tube Area-Meter Flow Meters 

Armored Flowmeter

                            Armored Flow Meter 

Reliable Readout, Transmission and Control of Liquids

Flow meters come in a variety of sizes and configurations. For low-capacity, low-pressure applications we offer glass tube purge meters with stainless steel frames. Purge meters are designed for purging instruments, cases, and control lines, and are readily adapted to liquid-level indication, sampling, liquid-specific gravity determination, and similar applications.

For low-flow, higher pressure applications, armored purge meters are available. For high volume flows, glass-tube and metal tube meters are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for metering both air and liquid.

Reliable, Long Term Performance 

Flow meters enable you to reduce maintenance costs without removing the meter from service. Due to their rugged construction, they can stand up to extreme conditions.

One of the many stand-out features of flow meters is it's reliable, long term performance in gas or liquid service.

Thanks to their highly accurate and stable readings, you can count on precise measurement and control which makes flow meters easily adaptable.

Armored Purge Meter 500x1000 100dpi UGSI6165

Armored Purge Meters (Metal Frame)

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Benefits of Flow Meters


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Reliable Read-Out


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Consistent Transmission


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Control of Fluid Rate


Our Flow Meter Solutions


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Varea-Meter® Variable Flow Meters are easy to install, calibrate and configure. They provide reliable long term performance in gas or liquid service.

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Arma-View® II

The Arma-View® II Low Flow Armored Purge Meter is designed for the measurement of low volume flows of aggressive chemicals. 

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Glass Tube Purge Meter

Glass tube purge meters have a rugged stainless steel frame making them ideal for extreme conditions. Known for accurate, repeatable performance.

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