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Introduces Optical Sensors to North American Water & Wastewater Markets

MILIPITAS/PHILADELPHIA (September 21, 2023) - Today, Cleanwater1 announced a new commercial partnership with TriOS (Germany), bringing a suite of proven optical sensor products to the U.S. water and wastewater markets. The exclusive distribution agreement encompasses all TriOS sensors, analyzers, controllers, and systems, addressing the growing demand for robust sensors to provide data for improved water quality and operational efficiency at utilities. 

David Stanton, Chief Executive Officer for Cleanwater1, expressed enthusiasm about the strategic move, stating, “Cleanwater1 and TriOS are taking a significant step forward. TriOS’ proven, robust sensors will provide our customers with insights into their operations beyond the capabilities of traditional measurement tools. When combined with proven treatment solutions at Cleanwater1, improved measurement will lead to a virtuous outcome, lowering costs while enhancing water quality and protecting the environment.”

Cleanwater1 and TriOS will be introducing a range of next-generation sensor products at the Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) in Chicago in October. Among these innovative sensors is OPUS, a new UV spectral sensor designed for online measurement of nitrogen and carbon compounds using a single robust sensor. OPUS provides reliable readings for nitrate, nitrites, organics (COD, BOD, DOC, TOC), and several other parameters. 

Rudiger Heuermann, founder and CEO at TriOS, added, “TriOS has installed thousands of optical sensors into challenging environmental applications worldwide for over 20 years. We are very excited to bring these same solutions to the water and wastewater systems in North America.”

Cleanwater1, inc. was formerly known as UGSI Solutions Inc. For more information on the rebrand and service offerings, visit

About cleanwater1 

Cleanwater1, Inc., formerly known as UGSI Solutions, Inc., is one of the leading providers of water quality solutions offering a complete set of end-to-end water quality and wastewater treatment products and solutions. Cleanwater1 and its related entities pair proven brands like Polyblend®, Dynablend™, PAX Mixers, Monoclor® RCS, and Microclor® with cutting-edge strategies and innovations to help customers meet and exceed water quality goals and regulations at lower costs.

About TriOS
For more than 25 years TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik GmbH has been developing and producing optical measurement devices for water analysis. The core competences of the company are spectrometer applications and fluorescence measurement. The scope of applications include drinking water, wastewater treatment, industrial applications and marine research. TriOS is an innovative company, participating in research projects and collaborating with universities and research institutes to develop new sensors for environmentally relevant parameters. The newest methods and practices are applied in this process to offer state-of-the-art sensors that are user-friendly.

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