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Press Release


UGSI Solutions Rebrands as cleanwater1

SAN JOSE/PHILADELPHIA (June 2, 2023) - UGSI Solutions, Inc. ("UGSI"), one of the leading providers of water quality and chemical feed solutions to the municipal water,  wastewater utility, and industrial markets, announced its formal rebranding to cleanwater1, inc. cleanwater1, inc is still home to Microclor®  On-Site Hypochlorite Generation, Polyblend® and Dynablend products, Encore® Pump, and PAX Mixers.   

The new name does not impact or change any of our product and service offerings; rather, the name change reflects the company’s well-established mission to be the optimal partner to utilities and industrial customers facing ever-evolving and demanding water quality goals. To achieve this objective, cleanwater1 will continue to acquire, develop, and optimize solutions that improve water quality.

"We have built a great company by combining proven brands with science, monitoring, and controls, to solve today’s utility operating challenges,” said David Stanton, President and CEO of cleanwater1. “Our new name and website are designed to make it easier for our customers to find us and learn how we can help.”

cleanwater1 provides a wide range of water treatment solutions including, but not limited to, disinfection, residual management, THM Reduction, tank mixing, liquid polymer feed, and dry polymer feed to achieve maximum water quality results. Our wastewater treatment solutions focus on disinfection, solids thickening, and dewatering and chemical feed. cleanwater1's products and services are used in a variety of applications, including utility and municipal water and wastewater treatment, industrial process water treatment, and food and beverage processing.

Recently, at the 2023 United Nations Water Conference, cleanwater1 was one of 17 organizations joining forces, pledging to invest $11 billion in water innovation over the next five years. The funds will be directed toward water-related research and development, start-up companies commercializing innovative water management approaches, and deploying new water technologies. The organizations will also commit to ongoing engagement with development agencies, governments, and other stakeholders to facilitate more cross-sector action to solve water challenges.

For more information regarding cleanwater1’s products, services, and upcoming events, please visit the company’s new website at

About cleanwater1 

cleanwater1, inc., formerly known as UGSI Solutions, Inc., is one of the leading providers of water quality solutions offering a complete set of end-to-end water quality and wastewater treatment products and solutions. cleanwater1 and its related entities pair proven brands like Polyblend®, Dynablend, PAX Mixers, Monoclor® RCS and Microclor®, with cutting edge strategies and innovations to help customers meet and exceed water quality goals and regulations.

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550 Sycamore Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 858.218.3745

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